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How does acupuncture work? |

 RMIT University academic

Dr Zhen Zheng explains:

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Therapeutic Services

Depending on your presenting condition, I combine a number of Chinese Medicine and other wellness therapies as part of your treatment plan. Please scroll down for further details.


Laser Acupuncture using Class IV
K-Laser Therapy*
(low level light therapy) 

* K-Laser is therapeutically approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)

Laser acupuncture therapy is a gentle and effective alternative to traditional needle based acupuncture appealing to many patients, especially those who are needle phobic, generally anxious or sensitive. The laser is placed above the specific acupuncture point and the laser is activated with the delivery of the desired amount of joules.

As Laser acupuncture does not involve any needles nor discomfort it is especially ideal for patients who are sensitive;  elderly and children.

Publication (Access the Article)

“Seventeen out of 20 patients (85%) showed various degrees of pain relief after laser acupuncture treatment…”

” …The 17 patients showed an average pain relief of 63 ± 31%. There were six patients who showed no TMD symptoms after an average of four treatments of laser acupuncture. The other 11 patients showed partial relief of TMD symptoms after treatment. Although the pain was still present, it was less and was acceptable. No side effects were reported in any patients during or after laser acupuncture treatments.”" 




Class IV Medical Grade

K-Laser Therapy*

(Class 4 Laser)

* Therapeutically approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)

K-Laser therapy or “photobiomodulation”, uses red and near-infrared wavelengths to enter the body's tissue in order to support the reduction of pain, inflammation, and promote tissue healing.

The warm and pleasant application of K-Laser energy increases blood flow to the affected area, drawing oxygen and nutrients.  This enhances the body's innate ability to heal.

Therapeutic effects:

-  Assists with increased circulation

-  Helps decrease inflammation & reduce pain

-  Enhances tissue healing and recovery time

How many treatments are necessary? Results are cumulative. Most people notice benefits after the first treatment and the positive benefits compound with each subsequent treatment.  However, as a general guide, dependant on the nature of the condition:

- Acute conditions: 4-6 may be enough

- Chronic conditions: 6-12 (or more)

- Long term: periodic care (eg. arthritis)

How often can a treatment be received?

- Acute Condition: Daily

- Chronic Condition: 2-3 times a week

- Long Term Condition: 1-2 times a month


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Synergy of Acupuncture &
Essential Oils

combining to enhance treatment

Essential oils have profound therapeutic benefits. I like to incorporate these precious oils in many of my treatments and tailor the selection of the oils to my individual patient and their presentation. ​ I only use high quality therapeutic grade essential oils that are third party tested for their purity.   ​ The oil is selected based on its therapeutic functions, relative to the presenting symptom/s, to enhance the action of the acupuncture or acupressure treatment. The oil is applied at the site of the acupuncture point before the needle is inserted or where acupressure is to be applied. As essential oils are highly concentrated and potent,  I dilute them in a carrier oil before application to the skin. Some oils, however, are safe to apply "neat" straight onto the skin.    Much of what I have learnt about combining these two modalities and how they can enhance treatment outcomes is from Peter Holmes, a well respected Chinese Medicine Practitioner; Medical Herbalist; Clinical Aromatherpist and author with over 40 years of clinical experience in Chinese Medicine and acupuncuture. Peter has also completed postgraduate studies in Chinese Medicine at the Ecole Européene d’Acupuncture in Paris;  has undertaken extensive research; authored several acclaimed textbooks and lectures in both herbal and essential oil medicine. ​ We can discuss the use of essential oils during your treatment and whether you are happy for them to be used; or if you have any aversions to particular essential oils and their chemical compounds.  ​ ​

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine is predominately comprised of plant-based extracts derived from bark, dried fruits, flowers, leaves, rhizomes, roots, seeds, and twigs. Not all herbal medicines are unpalatable, in fact some can be quite pleasant . For instance, peppermint leaves, cinnamon bark & twigs, ginger and dried dates are commonly used in many Chinese Herbal Medicine formulae.


Online Herbal Dispensary

At this time I do not hold an in clinic dispensary. However, I place scripts through an online third party dispensary service where the herbs can be posted to you directly.  These are practitioner only suppliers, meaning they only accept herb prescriptions from registered practitioners.  

After a thorough consultation, if herbs are recommended as part of your treatment plan and you are happy to take them, they will be ordered by me through a dispensary service and posted to your home directly from the supplier or can be collected from my practice.   The cost of herbs vary from formula to formula, however, I will discuss the cost of the herbs with you before we proceed with your order. Postage costs may apply.

Lifestyle & Self Care Guidance



Gua Sha
(pronounced "gwa sha" )

This technique may be used on both the face & body.  A more gentle technique is applied on the face. It releases tension in muscles breaking up adhesions in the fascia (the connective tissue that encases muscle and other surrounding connective tissue). Gua sha improves blood circulation and encourages lymphatic drainage and circulation (reducing puffiness)


Facial Gua Sha Massage: 

Gently stimulates facial acupressure points, relaxing muscle tension in the face which often gives a more relaxed softer appearance Stimulates collagen production to assist with fine lines by plumping the skin~ Restores a beautiful glow to your skin~ Most people find it to be very relaxing

Face roller and quartz

D.I.Y Facial Gua Sha Massage from home:
I sell both Jade & Rose Quartz gua sha tools and rollers for you to use at home. I can teach you how to use them.  Stay tuned - I will be posting more details for you purchase them online via my website or directly from my clinic soon.

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